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If Yukari was to exit her living quarters she would notice a small basket outside. In it is a variety of smaller and larger chocolates, so professionally crafted that one could easily think they were bought, however the taste can only be achieved from a handmade product with lots of love. Along is a card: "Happy valentines day to a beautiful mademoiselle. - Mr. Prince."

月-— A secured door became ajar with the noise of subtle footfalls. From such an aperture a head peeked, matched amethysts combing for glimpses of the person—visible fabrics before an altered direction, a thread of hair departed from nest, anything. Her door was nudged further for her escape, but stopped when it scraped past an object of anonymity. Oh? What is this? Her pate swiveled left before its reverse prior to descending to a squat. For her? Digits curled around the handle and tugged the gift up and into her room for further examination. First the card, which read with a deadpan exterior that gainsaid the rapture settling within her. Cerise saturations adorned cheeks and a dainty smile curled. Every item received kindled euphoria—this and the digits assembled into her arms every year. Despite the hierarchy of gifts, the rabbit cherished each. Depositing the card for the floor to embrace, her gaze transferred to the card’s petite pair. A hand pinched chocolate from its aerie and removed the protection that surrounded it, proceeding to nudging it into her mouth.

"It’s surprisingly good. Thank you, Mr. Prince."

((screams in lowercase i’m really sorry this is late i really am and so i just pretended that she received it on the day itself?? aaaaaah i’m really horrible so i’m really sorry i’m a poop goodbye))

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Mummies are bound to be uptight.


月-— Oh, the infamy of a pun! ..—Though their efforts totaled to something more than naught in constructing curves that revealed blocks of white and saturating her cheeks in pleasant hues of pink. They were quite useful, or at least to her puns were. “Amazing! D-do you happen to have others?“


lol i tried/////////orz

"Tears make you stronger!"
"Crying isn't for the weak!"
"Cheer up!"


Shut up.
   Be quiet.
      S t o p  t a l k i n g .

月-—Such bilge. All of it. Liquid tracing curves down a face didn’t metamorphose anything, an exception being an idol into some figure manipulated for arrant mirth. Losing balance, allowing objects to plummet, subjected to teasing—.. Aa, what should she jest about next that would transpierce through sentiments, marking her palpitating heart with derision? Oh, but never would they allow something like ethics to merge with an affluent, trickling stream of notions and more superior things, including mockery. No, why would they ever consider her lacerated ego? Her happiness? Aa, but her blunders were transcribed into their happiness! If her lips curled in any direction but downwards, they wouldn’t have their very own grins transforming their visages! No ecstatic chortles! Nothing!


Aa, aa. How inconsiderate of her. Amidst that crowd’s titters, extremities would align themselves onto her thighs, her back arching. A silent apology—not like they even coveted one. “Continue, continue! Laugh until you’re content and then resume.” Would she dare to say that? Speak with her voice tormented by that malaise? It would cause her voice to be more distorted than she would have purposed it. But they would continue with their euphoria until cheeks became saturated with cerise hues and wheezes were noted by ears. But if normalcy displaced cacophony, it would resume, adopting even more cruelties to assault her with.

                                        笑って 笑って 頬が痛くなるまで
                                                                              “Please save me.”



"Mrmrr~  Hitsura Kyumei~" she sang back with a polite little bow, the tone in her voice returning the mischief that the other’s smile bore*


月-— “A fittingly cute name for a cute person!” she spoke, returning an identical posture. “Mine’s Yuzuki Yukari. Not as cute, but it suffices.” Despite her position as an unknown and vague idol, the rabbit condemned dishonesty. No use for fake names, right?



— 傷跡: Pallid cheeks rouged, a gentle hand was raised and placed, perhaps a little too late, over the males chalky lips. “I’m very sorry,” He murmured through the cracked spaces between each slender finger of his own, “I didn’t realise that you were there. Had I of know, I would have at least made an attempt to turn away and cover my mouth more properly.” Crimson sparks ignited, though the teen allowed the slightest of smiles to peek through upon his features. He felt guilty of course, it’s not everyday you accidentally sneeze on someone unbeknownst to you, however there was something about the awkwardness of this situation that made him grin. “I have hand sanitizer, if you would like some -.”

                                         What did she just say?

"Ah - excuse me, did you say ‘secret fan club?"


月-— “‘Tis quite all right; apology accepted. Mistakes happen, ne?” An equable exterior erected itself before a trill of laughter was emitted, altering the characteristics of her visage.  A flimsy, caramel-tinted paper bag once encased her head, ellipses snipped out for twin wisterias to peek from. April Fool’s Day was a day she reserved for meddling with pious fools, but that year had been different. Her target was CRYPTON. Minuscule, opaque boxes were cradled in lissome arms and placed in the mail—one for each of CRYPTON's singers. But those were boxes that harbored the fruits of her mischievous plot and—.. Once she was sniffed out, a stern rebuke was doled and apology letters were written. Quite the mistake. Aa well, now wasn't the time for regrets.

"Ah - excuse me, did you say ‘secret fan club?"

"Nn?" a simple interjection that shunned adornments was made at the news that taunted curiosity. "Yes, it began when you transferred, so I’m quite appalled at your reaction. Haven’t you noticed?"

Mysteries of this World [Open]

Just thaw it!:

Food was a necessity for every living thing, it gave them nutrients and staved away hunger keeping minds clear and bodies full of energy. Here it was hard to find a meat bun like he had wanted or the ingredients to even make it. Guan Xing didn’t want to even talk about the choices and cans and bags of… whatever this all was. It was strange to not have to hunt or fish for his food like he was used to. Some of this, it wasn’t even very fresh… he could tell by the smell. He passed on the fish and walked down the isles pausing at the freezer section.


"Frozen….. how would you even eat that…. Wouldn’t it be wet if you let it thaw?"

There was still so much about this world he didn’t understand. Maybe he should just pick up something pre-made and figure this out another day.

月-— “Long time no see,” the rabbit intoned. Her voice was not unlike ice; it was cold and bitter, like the coffee she once dared to imbibe, albeit too acrid for her taste buds. No sentiments. No nostalgia. A merciless job was what she had selected midst a horde of other alternatives and that was she got. Cleaning spillage from uncertain radices, transporting cardboard prisms containing products, reviewing inventory copious times—.. A persisting list of tasks in exchange for monetary reward. “Aa.. Not like it matters anymore.” Inhale. Exhale. Bygone recollections shuffled away, stashed in her cache of memories.

                                                           —..Now, onto the main task of grocery shopping.

Yukari navigated through aisles and sections, a handle wedged into the crook of her bended arm and a basket swaying beneath. All without recognition of her identity—a plus. Not a word meant for her ears to discern. Until words were expelled from a male of chocolate hair. “Despite your view, water wouldn’t be dripping from the food.” The idol spoke in a cordial tone she appended an affable smile to.



((Yooooooo~ I haven’t quite introduced myself or anything, but I’m Yukari-mun and it’s a pleasure to be in this group again! ww Anyways, I thought that might be necessary since I don’t really participate in the AURP chat or in OOC days (orz I’m always occupied on those days). But I’d like to say Happy New Year (says the person who is horrible and didn’t wish anybody Merry Christmas (つД`)・゜・ I’m not going to make excuses for that! Shovel all the blame on me! wwww)! I hope that this year is a pleasant one for you. Try not to exhaust yourself doing things or push yourself too hard and, instead, reward yourself often! You deserve it. Or.. or something like that..(´;д ;`)I’m really sorry ajsdklffejw;a And I’m especially sorry to the people who are waiting on me! I’ll try to get better at that.))