a birthday present for yanderepuke! she wanted beat up kaneki and ayato lol I HOPE U HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY MY DEAR FRIEND!!

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??? read about what happened to luhan (+ kris????)

but that makes me v mad and

also the fans on the site i read about it on make me madder?????? like ‘no don’t leave exo’ that kind of thing??? if he’s being treated horribly, why would you want him to stay??????? like?????? if you cared for him and like him that much that he’s your bias then why??? do this to him????

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cute lil bubbles when they laugh bbbbb

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u have been visited by the great shuu

reblog nd u will get 4 years of happiness and cool shoes

ignore nd u will become an actual trash can

sorry guys not gonna risk it

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The Japanese fashion company PIIT is collaborating with Crypton Future Media to bring us Hatsune Miku- inspired clothing for their fall line! PIIT takes elements from Miku and incorporates them into their clothing that’s perfect for casual wear! 

Check out the new line and other clothing they offer at PIIT’s online store

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